Saturday, May 23, 2009

UROP Research

This blog has been created to act as a journal for my experiences as a Jack Kent Cooke Fellow. I expect to do research under Prof. Olson and look forward to recording what I am doing over the summer. I became a Jack Kent Cooke Fellow because of my interests in electronics and computers, and look forward to learning an incredible amount over this summer.

My research involves working with the Orc Board that was developed by Prof. Olson. The Orc Board is essentially the controller and interface between the computers that send and receive information and the sensors and motors that are connected to the robot. My work involves implementing peripheral protocols (such as I2C and USB) and also helping with future Orc board projects, including upgrading to newer microcontrollers. I also help with building and programming the LED beacons that are used to help identify the robots.

All of this will enhance my abilities with working with embedded electronics, specifically the 32 bit ARM processors and also embedded operating systems. These are key skills used in my profession and will be invaluable for my future.

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